03 type apartment: a two bedroom apartment facing the Suthep mountain and the Ping river.

A 91 square meter apartment with three air-conditioners.

Start from the round semi circle shape-room to the living area, dinning table next to the kitchen.

RP R 1103 Kit Liv Round Rm W840.jpg (152812 bytes)

Standing at the round semi-circle-area looking at the living area and dinning area with the windows to the kitchen closed.

RP R 1103 Liv Din W840.jpg (95047 bytes)

A reset ceiling gives roommy feeling with lights from all directions, very beautiful at night.

RP R 1103 Ceiling Liv Din W840.jpg (156626 bytes)

From the kitchen door looking at living area and TV set on the cabinet.

RP R 1103 Liv TV W840.jpg (120920 bytes)

RP R 1103 Ceiling Liv TV W840.jpg (168264 bytes)

A master bedroom with a door connecting to the round semi-circle-area.

RP R 1103 Br1 W840.jpg (106900 bytes)

Entering the apartment you will see a well equiped kitchen decorated lovely making you want to cook.

RP R 1103 Ent W840.jpg (188624 bytes)

Another direction looking the kitchen area.

RP R 1103 Kit Main W840.jpg (189767 bytes)

A sink on its cabinet.

RP R 1103 Kit sink W840.jpg (161623 bytes)

From the dinning table looking through the opened windows.

RP R 1103 Kit Ent W840.jpg (97720 bytes)

A round semi-circle area looking out towards beautiful views of Chiangmai.

RP R 1103 Semi Rm W840.jpg (124972 bytes)

Looking out from this semi-cycle-room, you enjoy stunning views.

RP R 1103 Semi Rm Look south W840.jpg (126366 bytes)

RP R 1103 Semi Rm Look north W840.jpg (131312 bytes)

On the windows of this round room you can see the Doi Suthep mountain over the city.

RP R 1103 View West W1080.jpg (245310 bytes)

Looking south east where the business areas are.

RP R 1103 View South W1080.jpg (225906 bytes)

Bathroom 1 having a big cabinet.

RP R 1103 Bath1W840.jpg (136180 bytes)

The second bedroom with a ventilation to the coridor which can be open or close.

RP R 1103 Br2 W840.jpg (92973 bytes)

Floor plans

R 1103 ACH W800.jpg (28977 bytes)



R 1103 ACH Liv W1080.jpg (34854 bytes)


R 1103 ACH Br2 W1080.jpg (35942 bytes)