Apartment type; 05         Area; 160 square meters.  

Three bedrooms, three baths, plus one maid room with bath,

separated kichen, four air-condotioners.                                                                  

  Living Room connected to dinning room & access to balcony.

RP R1205 Din Liv W640.jpg (78134 bytes)

Dining Room next to kitchen room.

RP R1205 Liv Din W640.jpg (61157 bytes)

MasterBed rooms

RP R 1205 BR1.1 W640.jpg (49832 bytes)

Dresser right in front of the bath room.

RP R 1205 BR1.2 W640.jpg (49273 bytes)

A  big wardrop for you to keep a lot of clothes.

RP R 1205 BR1.3 W640.jpg (56008 bytes)


Bed room 2

RP R1205 BR2.1 W640.jpg (73991 bytes)

RP R1205 BR2.3 W640.jpg (80320 bytes)

RP R1205 BR2.4 W640.jpg (63986 bytes)

3rd bedroom.

RP R1205 BR3.1 W640.jpg (57766 bytes)

Even the third bedroom get a big wardorp and an access to a nice and well equiped bath.

RP R1205 BR3.3 W640.jpg (50579 bytes)

RP R1205 BR3.2 W640.jpg (52881 bytes)

Again the third bedroom get a nice view looking at mountains around Chiangmai.

RP R1205 BR3 View1 W640.jpg (100902 bytes)


RP R1205 Kitchen1 W640.jpg (64580 bytes)

A storage and a separated maid room with her own shower & toilet.

RP R1205 Maid Storage1 W640.jpg (51170 bytes)

Plenty of spaces in storage and maid room.

RP R1205 Maid storage2 W640.jpg (48772 bytes)

The main  balcony  viewing the Sutape mountain and of couse the Ping river.

RP R 1205 Balcony1 W640.jpg (71333 bytes)

Floor Plan of 05 type apartment.

RP Fl Plan 05 SKF W 968.jpg (207209 bytes)

RP Fl Plan 05 Br1 2 3 SKF W 883.jpg (204794 bytes)

RP Fl Plan 05 Liv SKF W 981.jpg (205435 bytes)