07B type apartment, 205 square meters, 3 bedrooms,

3 bath rooms, big living room, well equiped big kitchen,

2 large balconies, maide room.


A big luxurious living room .

RP R 2107B LV1.1 W800.jpg (108779 bytes)

Dining room.

RP R 2107B Dining1 W800.jpg (124809 bytes)

Master bedroom.

RP R 2107B Br1.1 W800.jpg (116239 bytes)

Master bedroom's bath room.

RP R 2107B Bath 1.1 W800.jpg (70704 bytes)


RP R 2107B Kit1W800.jpg (78808 bytes)

A sink witk over head shelf.

RP R 2107B Kit2W800.jpg (92248 bytes)

A counter between the kitchen and the dining room with a refrigerator.

RP R 2107B Kit CounterW800.jpg (96060 bytes)

View looing North.

RP R 2107B BR3 View W800.jpg (152984 bytes)

View looking South.

RP R 2107B Balcony View1 W800.jpg (109195 bytes)


R 2107B rendering.jpg (59825 bytes)

Floor plans

RP R 2107B rendering south Liv W1080.jpg (40074 bytes)

RP R 2107B rendering south Kit W1080.jpg (41126 bytes)