07E X a very luxurious one bedroom apartment.

Two air-conditioners, 84 square-meters, big balcony.

A beautifully decorated living and dinning areas with reset-ceiling.

RP R 807E Din Liv W1080.jpg (183350 bytes)

The dinning area has a big cabinet and show-shelves with a separated kitchen under a light-fan in coved ceiling.

RP R 807E Liv Din W1080.jpg (175921 bytes)

A big bedroom decorated in wooden style.

RP R 807E Br Bed dress W1080.jpg (149940 bytes)

A big bed is positioned in a semi circle with windows.

RP R 807E Br Bed Lights W1080.jpg (140834 bytes)

View from your bed looking north, you see the Ping river and mountains on the natural background.

RP R 1407E Br View N W1080.jpg (297288 bytes)

Also from you bed looking south, you see the Ping river.

RP R 1407E Br View S W1080.jpg (224280 bytes)

A big wordrop let you keep a lot of clothes.

RP R 807E Br wardrop W1080.jpg (159093 bytes)

A television cabinet and a dresser.

RP R 807E Br TV cab dress W1080.jpg (161090 bytes)

A big sliding door accessing to a big balcony.

RP R 807E Br Bal W1080.jpg (135664 bytes)

A big bathroom with a basin on a counter, a buth tub and ventilations.

RP R 807E Bath1.1 W1080.jpg (253550 bytes)

A cabinet with two slide-mirror-windows lets you keep personal things.

RP R 807E Bath1 W1080.jpg (234235 bytes)

A very well equiped kitchen.

RP R 807E Kit W1080.jpg (328272 bytes)

A any time you can enjoy beautiful views from a big balcony.

RP R 807E Bal W1080.jpg (262839 bytes)

Night views.

RP R 807E Bal Night W1080.jpg (259705 bytes)

Floor plans.

RP_Fl_Plan_07E_SKF_W_781.jpg (157773 bytes)

RP_Fl_Plan_07E_SKF_Br1_Kit_W_911.jpg (185559 bytes)

RP_Fl_Plan_07E_SKF_Liv_Din_W_948.jpg (201586 bytes)