09 X type apartment with S-shape reset ceiling, two bedrooms, two bathrooms, separated kitchen area, a balcony.

Three air-condotioners.

A warm living area.

RP R1109 Liv Din Mir Fan Lt W1000.jpg (135851 bytes)

a  television on the cabinet and access to the balcony.

RP R1109 Liv W1000.jpg (140441 bytes)

A big mirror on the wall of the living area giving you a very roommy feeling.

RP R1109 Liv Mir Lt W1000.jpg (231806 bytes)

A dinning area with a light-fan above the dinning table.

RP R1109 Din Fan Mir Lt W1000.jpg (136160 bytes)

A light-fan on a mirror.

RP R1109 Din Mir Fan Lt W 1080.jpg (160208 bytes)

The entrance to the kitchen decorated with downlights and shelves.

RP R1109 Kit frt shelf Lt W1000.jpg (106451 bytes)

A lovely kitchen with beautiful tiles making you want to cook delicious food.

RP R1109 Kit Beauty W1000.jpg (132957 bytes)

The kitchen is well equiped with stoves, oven, filtering fan-hood with light.

RP R1109 Kit Equipe W1000.jpg (227417 bytes)