07E type-apartments

一寝室 アパート面積 84 平方 メートル 冷房楚置
One bedroom, 84 Square meters,
2 Air-conditionors

A beautiful living room, fully furnished watching the Ping river from your nice and big balcony


RP R 1207E LV4 W800.jpg (151880 bytes)


RP R 1207E Br1 W800.jpg (145588 bytes)

RP R 1207E LV5 W800.JPG (189232 bytes)

Watching satelite chanel TV from your living room.

You will have a big wardrop next to a TV table and a dresser with a big mirror.

RP R 1407E WD1 W800.jpg (90139 bytes)

RP R 1407E WDD W800.jpg (89413 bytes)


RP R 907E Bal W800.jpg (155621 bytes)

Sitting on your bed when you wake up, looking North , this is what you will see.

RP R1407E BR1 View N W640.jpg (97716 bytes)

On the same bed looking East you will see three layers of mountains.


  RP R1407E BR1 View E W640.jpg (95297 bytes)

Again you will see the Ping river flowing South from your bed.

見て 眺め はピン川 です

RP P 1407E View1W800.jpg (126111 bytes)

Bath room is fully equiped with a bathtub with curtain, high power water heater, sink-counter with a large mirror.


RP R 1407E Bath1 W800.jpg (83258 bytes)


Your kitchen is also fully equiped with a refrigerator, stove-burner-set with oven, sink.


RP R 1407E K1 W800.jpg (100929 bytes)

Floor plan lets you visualize how this apartment is arranged.

RP Fl Plan 07E SKF W 781.jpg (157773 bytes)

In the master bedroom the bed is elevated and positioned in a semi-circle. You will see the ping river in both North & South

RP Fl Plan 07E SKF Br1 Kit W 911.jpg (185559 bytes)

The dining area is right infront of the kitchen and the living area is next to the balcony.

RP Fl Plan 07E SKF Liv Din W 948.jpg (201586 bytes)