Benifits you have for being in the Rimping condominium

1)  Magnifisent views you will see, all directions from this building.

2) There are beautiful facilities in the building you can use such as swimming pool, exercise room, sauna rooms, garden, sattelite TV chanels. Our personnels will look after and maintain all facilities.  You just enjoy and relax.

3) Security in our building is very tide. Every one has to go through a single door with his or her specified magnetic card. The computer will keep records for the pass three days. On top of that securiy gards will double check people going in and out, and do routine patrol on all floors every hour.

4) Housing service is available by making a phone call.  A phone call before you arrive will set your room ready so you do not have to clean it yourselves.  While you are away you can have someone look after your room.