Facilities available in the  Rim Ping condominium

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     An atrium; 16'*27', is placed at the appropriate spot.     This helps ventilating, lighting and cooling very well. 

1) On river-garden approximately 800 sq.m. ( 8,600 sq.ft.).

2) In-door swimming pool; 105 sq.m., on the sixth floor, it has solor pads to help warmming up for winter,  exercise room, separated lockers; male and female  with sauna in-side.

3) Separated male and female locker rooms with suana inside.

4) 200 H.P. stand-by automatically started electrical generator, enough to supply all important systems in this building.

5) Three passenger elavators and two car elavators.

6) All apartments are equiped with air-conditioning systems and water heaters.

7) Parquet floor ( teak or rose wood ) in all apartments.

8) Satelite and local television channels (CNN, NHK Etc. ).

9) Restaurant for your convenience.

10) Housing services; room cleaning and laundry.

11) A computer control ( hotel feature ) telephone system with automatic billing and extension.

12) 24 hour security with magnetic key card to access main door.

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         Hall way    
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Stand-by Generator

Satelite TV Antena

Three elevators

Magnatic-card Entrance

Laundry -service

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Hall-way on residential floors, from 7th to 21st floors. When you get off the elevators, you see nice decoration welcoming you.