Deluxe Appartments with special features to let you use the spaces in multi purposes.

The second bedroom has a wall bed in beautifully built-in cabinet, working table & book shelf, telephone line & power outlet. These let you convert between a bedroom into a space for your kits or your working room.



RP Fl plan 02 X SKF H 200.jpg (26219 bytes) RP R 02 X  Din Liv  H 200.jpg (15241 bytes) RP R 02 X Br 2 Wall Bed H 200.jpg (10470 bytes)
05 X


RP R 05 X SKF W 270.jpg (23493 bytes) RP R 1405 Coved Ceiling Light W 265.jpg (11356 bytes)
07 F X RP_Fl_plan_SKF_07F_X_H_220.jpg (11038 bytes) RP R 07F X Liv Din H 200.jpg (17430 bytes) RP R 07F X Br 2 Dw H 200.jpg (14633 bytes)
09 X RP R Fl plan 09 SKF H 170.jpg (18355 bytes) RP R1109 Liv Din Mir Fan Lt W250.jpg (12425 bytes) RP R1109 Din Fan Mir Lt W260.jpg (14624 bytes) @
07 E X RP Fl Plan 07E SKF W 260.jpg (23844 bytes) RP R 807E Din Liv W280.jpg (17550 bytes) RP R 807E Br Bed dress W320.jpg (17111 bytes)

R 1203 Coved Ceiling Light W 1024.jpg (134618 bytes)

One of our new features is what you are seeing here. The coved light ceiling in several of our newly renovated apartments.

RP R1109 Liv Din Mir Fan Lt W1000.jpg (135851 bytes)

Entering the front door of the new 09 type apartment you see the living room and dinning area next to eachother nice decorated with raised ceiling and indirest lights.

RP R1109 Liv W1000.jpg (140441 bytes)

The living room is big and wide with raised ceiling and indirect light continueing from the dinning area.

RP R1109 Din Fan Mir Lt W1000.jpg (136160 bytes)

On the ceiling of the dinning area there is a big mirror and fan with lights. The mirror reflects light to the sides and down on the floor, you feel very warm there.

RP R1109 Kit frt shelf Lt W1000.jpg (106451 bytes)

Please notice little and thin shelves on tops of the door and kitchen openning, you can display your decorations and the down-lights will make them stand up beautifully.

RP R1109 Liv Mir Lt W1000.jpg (231806 bytes)

From the master bedroom door you see the living room reflecting from a huge mirror making the whole area feel very roommy.

RP R1109 Kit Beauty W1000.jpg (132957 bytes)

The kitchen is decorated just lovely.

RP R1109 Kit Equipe W1000.jpg (227417 bytes)

It is also well equiped.

RP R1109 Din Mir Fan Lt W 1624.JPG (757850 bytes)

The color you are seeing is very close to the actual color. It is taken without using and assisting lights.

RP R1109 Liv Din Mir Fan Lt V W 1224.jpg (347370 bytes)

We are about to finish another apartment but this one is in lovely-green-color.

RP R 809 Din Mir fan wall W 1000.jpg (120600 bytes)

RP R809 Din Mir fan wall V W 1000.jpg (215000 bytes)

We continue to decorate our apartments better and better.